Project Description:

Kids want to wear shorts year round. This is the gadget to prevent them from doing just that.

Receive a daily forecast and clothing recommendation at the press of a button. The WeatherWear Box makes a call to the Yahoo weather API. A python script runs an algorithm to determine what clothing is appropriate given the weather for the day. LEDs light up on the facade of the weather station telling kids if today calls for short or long sleeves, short or long pants, a light jacket or a heavy coat. The WeatherWear Box also displays the daily forecast (sun, clouds, rain, snow). On the first press of the day, a detailed weather forecast is texted to parents via the Twilio SMS API.

Future enhancements include a toggle for today and tomorrow so kids can plan their clothing for the next day before going to bed.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Jumper cables
  • 11 LEDs
  • 1 button
  • 1 switch
  • Python script
  • Twilio account
  • Yahoo weather api credentials
Complete prototype
The finished prototype showing a sunny day where short sleeves and shorts are appropriate!
concept sketch
Concept refinement and pseudocode of the weather rules.
A sketch of the shell along with the final version of the prototype. The images were drawn by the primary users of the box.
bread board version
The electronics and LEDs were tested on a bread board.
Preparing to solder
Preparing to solder the protoboard for inside the box.
Inside the box
Jumper cables, protoboard, and raspberry pi inside the box.